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We are close-knit.

We are infinitely loyal.

We forgive.

We treat each other as brothers and sisters.

            And we defend others to the end.

We are multi-faceted.

We wear many hats.

We see others through many lenses.

We are authentic and humble.

We serve something bigger than ourselves.

We live up to our promises.

            And we also live up to our promise.

What it means:

  • Close-knit: Love, Loyalty, Compassion
  • Brothers & Sisters: Protect, Commitment
  • Infinitely Loyal: Support, Protect, Loyal, Pride
  • Forgiving: Love, Giving
  • Selfless

Skills Involved:

  • Empathy: Compassion towards others
  • Awareness: Understand the needs of others
  • Present & Invested & Reliable
  • Willingness & Sacrifice

Where we already see it:

  • Protect the Longhorn name
  • Helpful to one another
  • Treat each other as family
  • Forgiving