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School Board Policy

                    AA – District Legal Status

                   AA-R – Meeteetse Schools Mascot, Colors, and Song

                   AB – The People and Their School District

                   AC – Nondiscrimination

                   AC-R – Title IX and Other Discrimination Complaint Procedures To file a Title IX complaint, please click HERE and fill out the form.

                   ACA – Sexual Harassment

                   ACA-R – Administrative Procedures for Sexual Harassment Investigation

                   ACA-E(1) – Witness Disclosure Form

                   ACA-E(2) – Sexual Harassment Complaint Form

                   ACE – Non-Discrimination on the Basis of Handicap/Disability

                   ACE-R – Section 504 Due Process Procedures

                   ACE-E – Section 504/ADA

                   AD – Educational Philosophy

                   AD-R – Educational Philosophy

                   ADB – Drug-Free Schools

                   ADD – Unsafe School Choice Option

                   AE – Commitment to Accomplish

                   AEA – Student Exit Performance Standards

                   AGA – Recognitions for Accomplishment

                   BA – Board Operational Goals

                   BB – Local School Board Legal Status

                   BBA – Board Powers and Responsibilities

                   BBAA – Board Member Authority and Responsibilities

                   BBB – School Board Elections and Membership

                   BBBA – Board Member Qualifications

                   BBBB – Board Member Oath

                   BBBB-E – Board Member Oath of Office

                   BBBC – Board Member Resignation

                   BBE – Board Vacancy

                   BCA – School Board Member Code of Ethics

                   BCB – Board Member Conflict of Interest

                   BCF – Advisory Committees to the Board

                   BCH – Consultants to the Board

                   BCH-R – Consultants to the Board

                   BDA – Board Organizational Meeting

                   BDB – Board Officers

                   BDD – Board/Superintendent Relationship

                   BDDK – Reporting Board Meeting Business

                   BDE – Board Committees

                   BDG – School Attorney/Legal Service

                   BE – School Board Meetings

                   BE-E(1) – Notice of School Board Meeting & Availability of Minutes

                   BE-E(2) – Special Meeting Notice

                   BEA – Open Meetings

                   BEC – Executive Sessions

                   BED – Meeting Procedures

                   BEDB – Agenda: Format Preparation and Dissemination

                   BEDB-E – Agenda Format

                   BEDC – Quorum

                   BEDF – Voting Method

                   BEDG – Minutes

                   BEDG-R – Board Minutes

                   BEDH – Participation at Board Meetings

                   BEDH-R – School Board Guidelines for Public Comments During School Board Meetings

                   BEDH-E – Participation at Board Meetings

                   BEDJ – Broadcasting/Taping Meetings

                   BEE – Board Hearing/Appeal Procedures

                   BEE-R – Rules of Practice Governing Hearing and Contested Cases Before the Board of Trustees of Park County School District Number 16

                   BF – School Board Work Sessions and Retreats

                   BFC – Policy Adoption

                   BFD – Policy Dissemination

                   BGA – School Board Policy Development

                   BGB – Policy Adoption

                   BGC – Policy Revision/Review

                   BGD – Board Review of Administrative Regulations

                   BGG – Administration in the Absence of Policy

                   BH – Board-Staff Communication

                   BIA – Board Member Orientation and Development

                   BIBA – Conferences, Conventions, and Workshops

                   BID – Board Members Compensation, Expenses, and Insurance

                   BK – School Board Membership in Professional Associations

                   CA – Administration Goals/ Priority Objectives

                   CB – School Superintendent

                   CBA – Qualifications and Duties of Superintendent

                   CBA-R(1) – Job Description – Superintendent of Schools

                   CBA-R(2) – Superintendent’s Salary Schedule

                   CBA-R(3) – Assistant Principal/Athletic Director

                   CBB – Recruitment of the Superintendent

                   CBB-R – Superintendent’s Leaves and Absences

                   CBG – Superintendent’s Professional Development Opportunities

                   CBI – Evaluation of the Superintendent

                   CBJ – Superintendent’s Termination of Employment

                   CCB – Line and Staff Relations

                   CFA – School Principal/Building Administrator

                   CFA-R(1) – Principal Job Description

                   CFA-R(2) – Principal’s Leaves

                   CFA-R(3) – Principal’s Salary Schedule

                   CFB – Evaluation of Administrators Other Than Superintendent

                   CGD – State and Federal Programs Administration

                   CH – Policy Implementation

                   CHA – Development of Regulations

                   CHCA – Handbooks and Directives

                   CM – School District Annual Report

                   DA – Fiscal Management and Goals

                   DB – Annual Budget

                   DBB – Fiscal Year

                   DBC – Budget Planning and Preparation

                   DBC-R – Budget Planning and Preparation

                   DBF – Budget Hearing and Reviews

                   DBG – Budget Adoption Procedures

                   DBJ – Budget Transfers

                   DBJ-E – Notice of Hearing

                   DCA – Management of Fund Balances and Capital Reserves

                   DEB/DEC – Funds from State and Federal Sources

                   DF – Funds from Non-Tax Sources (Activity Funds)

                   DFA – Revenue from Investments/Use of Surplus Funds

                   DFAA-R – Investment of District Funds

                   DFC – Rental and Service Charges

                   DFD – Gate Receipts and Admissions

                   DG – Banking Services

                   DGA – Authorized Signatures

                   DGA-R – Authorized Signatures

                   DGA-R(2) – Facsimile Signature Procedures

                   DH – Bonded Employees and Officers

                   DI – Fiscal Accounting and Reporting

                   DIB – Imprest Account

                   DID – Inventories

                   DID-R – Inventories

                   DIE – Audits

                   DIF – Federal Funds Use For Political Activities

                   DJ – Purchases

                  DJ-R – Purchasing

                  DJ-E – Purchase Order/Voucher

                  DJC – Petty Cash

                  DJC-R – Petty Cash Accounts

                  DJD – Cooperative Purchasing

                  DJE – Bidding Procedures

                  DJF – Local/Competitive Purchasing

                  DJGA – Sales Calls and Demonstrations

                  DK – Payment Procedures

                  DKA – Payroll/Pay Schedule

                  DKB – Salary Deductions

                  DKB-R – Salary Deductions

                  DKC – Expense Authorization/Reimbursement

                  DKC-R – Expense Reimbursement (Travel)

                  DM – Cash in School Buildings

                  DN – School Properties Disposition

                  DN-R – School Properties Disposition

                  EA – Support Service Goals

                  EAA – Evaluation of Support Services

                  EB – Safety Program

                  EBA - Building and Grounds Inspections

                  EBA-E – Building and Grounds Maintenance

                  EBAA – Notification of Pesticide Application On or Within School Buildings

                  EBAB – Hazardous Materials

                  EBBA  – Bloodborne Pathogens

                  EBBB – Accident Reports

                  EBC – Emergency/Disaster Plans

                  EBCE – School Closing and Cancellations

                  EBCE -R – Emergency Closing of Schools

                  ECA – Security

                  ECA-R – Management of Campus Keys

                  EEA-R – Student Transportation Services

                  EEAA – Walkers and Riders

                  EEAA-R – Transportation of Isolated Students

                  EEAC-R – Student Conduct on School Buses

                  EEACC-R – Pupil Debarkation from Buses

                  EEAD-E – Special Use of School Buses

                  EEAEA – Bus Driver Requirements, Training and Responsibilities

                  EEAEA-E – Bus Driver Time Sheet

                  EEAEA-R – Transportation Personnel Mandatory Drug and Alcohol Testing

                  EEAEB – Drug and Alcohol Clearinghouse

                  EEB – Alcohol and Controlled Substances Testing fro District Employees Holding a Commercial Driver’s License (CDL)

                  EF – Food Services

                  EFA – Health and Wellness

                  EFA-R – Student Wellness Program

                  EFA-E – Health and Wellness Plan Annual Review/Evaluation

                  EFAB – Food Service Procurement Policy

                  EFAB-E(1) – Certification Regarding Debarment, Suspension, Ineligibility and Voluntary Exclusion

                  EFAB-E(2) – Self Certification

                  EFC – Free and Reduced Price Food Services

                  EFI - Food Services Records and Reports

                  EGAB – Fees, Costs, and Charges for Inspection, Copying and Producing of Public Records Request

                  EGAB-R – Public Records Request Form

                  EI - Insurance Management

                  GA – Personnel Policies and Goals

                  GBA – Equal Employment Opportunities/Title IX/Section 504

                  GBA/JB(E1) – Non-Discrimination Publication

                  GBB – Staff Involvement in Decision Making

                  GBE – Staff Rights and Responsibilities

                  GBEA – Staff Ethics/Conflict in Interest

                  GBEB – Employee Use of Facilities

                  GBEB-R – Facility Use Agreement

                  GBEC – Drug Free Work Place

                  GBEC-E – Notice to Employee

                  GBED – Tobacco Free Work Place

                  GBGA – Staff Health: Physical and Mental Examination Requirements

                  GBI – Staff Participation in Political Activities

                  GBJ – Personnel Records and Files

                  GBK – Staff Complaints/Grievances

                  GBK-R – Staff Complaints and Greivances

                  GBL – Staff Bullying Policy

                  GCA – Professional Staff Positions

                  GCB – Professional Staff Contracts and Compensation

                  GCB-E(1) – Continuing Teacher Employment Contract

                  GCB-E(2) – Extra Curricular Activities Contract

                  GCB-E(3) – Initial Teacher’s Employment Contract

       GCB-R – Exceptions to Certification and Rating of Certification Credentials

       GCBA – Professional Staff Salary Schedule

       GCBA-E – Certified Salary Schedule

       GCBB – Professional Staff Supplementary Pay Plans

       GCBC – Reimbursement of Coaching Certification Costs

       GCBD – Professional Staff Fringe Benefits

       GCBD-E(1) – Employee Leave Request Form

       GCBD-R – Professional Staff Fringe Benefits

       GCBDA-R – Professional Staff Leaves and Absences – Legal Leave

       GCCA – Professional Staff Leaves and Absences – Short-Term Leaves

       GCCA/GDBD – Staff Leaves and Absences

       GCCAB – Family and Medical Leave

       GCCAD – Military Leave

       GCD – Classified Staff Leaves and Absences – Short-Term Leaves

       GCEC – Posting of Staff Vacancies

       GCF – Professional Staff Hiring

       GCF-R – Professional Staff Hiring

       GCG – Part-Time Substitute Professional Staff Employment

       GCI – Professional Staff Development

       GCJ – Professional Staff Probation and Tenure

       GCK – Professional Staff Assignments and Transfers

       GCM – Supervision of Professional Staff

       GCN – Evaluation of Professional Staff

       GCN-R - Rescinded

       GCOA – Evaluation of Instructional Staff

       GCQ – Professional Staff Termination of Employment

       GCQA – Instructional Staff Reduction in Force

       GCQC/GCQD – Resignation of Professional Staff

       GCQE-R – Professional Staff Responsibility and Authority 

       GCQF – Discipline, Suspension and Dismissal of Professional Staff

       GCR – Non-School Employment of Professional Staff

       GCS – Professional Staff Research and Publishing

       GD – Support/Classified Staff Policies       

       GDA – Classified/Support Staff Positions

       GDB – Classified Staff Compensation Plans and Fringe Benefits

       GDB-R – Classified Staff Fringe Benefits

       GDBA – Classified/Support Staff Salary Schedules

       GDBA-E(1) – Support Staff Salary Schedule: Head Secretary/Administrative Assistant/Bookeeper

       GDBA-E(2) – Transportation Supervisor, Bus Route Drivers, Activity Trip Drivers, and Substitute Drivers

       GDBA-E(3) – Support Staff Salary Schedule: Food Service

       GDBA-E(4) – Support Staff Salary Schedule: Maintenance/Custodial

       GDBA-E(5) – Support Staff Salary Schedule: Technology Coordinator

       GDBA-E(6) – Support Staff Salary Schedule: Business Manager

       GDBA-E(7) – Support Staff Salary Schedule: Para Educator

       GDBA-E(8) – Support Staff Salary Schedule: Substitute Pay

       GDBA-E(9) – Support Staff Salary Schedule: Activity Sponsor Schedule

       GDBA-E(10) – Special Education Coordinator Salary Schedule

       GDBC – Classified/Support Staff Supplementary Pay-Overtime

       GDBC-R – Classified Staff Fringe Benefits

       GDBE – Classified Staff Vacations and Holidays

       GDBEA – Legal Holidays – Classified

       GDC – Classified Staff Leaves and Absences

       GDCA – Posting of Classified Staff Vacancies

       GDE – Classified Staff Recruitment and Hiring

       GDJ – Support Staff Assignments and Transfers

       GDK – Classified Staff Time Schedule and/or Calendars

       GDM – Classified Staff Development

       GDO – Evaluation of Support Staff

       GDPB – Resignation of Classified Staff

       GDQD – Discipline, Suspension and Dismissal of Support Staff

       IA – Instructional Goals and Learning Objectives

       IB – Academic Freedom and Public Education

       IC – School Year/Calendar

       IC-R – School Year- Days of Operation 

       ID – School Day

       IDA – Temporary Virtual Education

       ID-R – School Day

       IE – Organization of Instruction

       IFK – Graduation Requirements

       IG – Curriculum Development, Adoption and Review

       IGD – Curriculum Adoption

       IGF – Curriculum Review/Course Changes

       IHA – Basic Instructional Program

       IHAE – Physical Education

       IHAI – Vocational-Technical Education

       IHAL – Teaching About Religion

       IHAM – Health Education

       IHAR – Co-Curricular and Extra-Curricular Programs

       IHB – Special Instructional Programs

       IHBA – Special Instructional Programs- Child Find

       IHBA-R – Special Instructional Programs-Child Find Efforts

       IHBAB – Special Instructional Programs- Special Education Confidentiality Requirements

       IHBAB-R – Special Education- Confidentiality Requirements

       IHBAC – Special Instructional Program- Special Education Program Options

       IHBAD –Special Instructional Program- Free Appropriate Public Education

       IHBAD-R – Special Instructional Program- Free Appropriate Public Education

       IHBAE – Special Instructional Program- Least Restrictive Environment

       IHBAE-R – Special Intructional Program- Least Restrictive Environment (LRE)

       IHBAF – Special Education Evaluation and Eligibility 

       IHBAF-R – Special Education Evaluation and Eligibility 

       IHBAG-R – Response to Intervention

       IHBC – Programs for At-Risk/Disadvantaged Students

       IHBC-R – “At Risk” Students

       IHBDA –  Remedial Instruction

       IHBF – Homebound Instruction

       IHBG – Home School Attendance

       IHBG-R(1) – Home School Guidelines

       IHBG-R(2) – Non-Public School Participation in Federal Programs

       IHBG-R(3) – Home School Enrollment

       IHBG-R(4) – Home School Curriculum Information

       IHC – Extended Instructional Program/Dual Credit Program

       IHCB – Travel Study

       IHCC – Dual Credit Programs

       IHCD – Advanced College Placement

       IHD – Adult/Community Education

       IIA – Grouping for Instruction

       IIBG-E –Annual EFCD Usage Agreement

       IIE – Student Schedules and Course Loads

       IIJ – Individualized Instruction

       IJ – Instructional Resources and Materials

       IJJ – Textbook Selection and Adoption

       IJL – Library Materials Selection and Adoption

       IJLA – Complaint Procedure to Challenge Instructional and/or Library Materials

       IJNDB – School District Website Publishing

       IJOA – Field Trips and Excursions

       IJOB – Community Resource Persons/Speakers

       IJOC – School Volunteers

       IK – Academic Achievement/Progress Reports

       IKA – Grading Systems

       IKA-R – Grading Systems

       IKAB – Report Card/Progress Reports

       IKAB-R – Student Progress Reports to Parents

       IKACA – Parent Conferences

       IKC – Class Ranking/Grade Point Averages

       IKC-R – Class Ranking and Grading System

       IKD – Honor Rolls

       IKE – Promotion, Retention, and Acceleration of Students

       IKE-R – Grade Placement of Students

       IKF – Graduation Requirements

       IKFA – Early Graduation

       IL – Evaluation of Instructional Programs

       ILB – Test/Assessment Administration

       IMB – Teaching About Controversial/Sensitive Issues

       IMBB – Exemptions From Required Instruction

       IMC – Controversial Speaker/Programs

       IMD – School Ceremonies and Observance

       IMDB – Flag Displays

       INE-R – Assemblies

       School Safety Alert Procedure

       JAB – Special Recognition and Financial Assistance

       JB – Equal Educational Opportunities

       JBA – Discrimination-Student Complaint Procedure

       JBA-E – Equal Education Opportunities Grievance Procedure Form

       JE – Student Attendance

       JE-R – High School Attendance Policy

       JEA – Compulsory Attendance Ages

       JEB – Entrance Age

       JF – Student Admissions

       JFA – Admission Procedures

       JFAB – Admission of Non-Resident Students

       JFABB – Admission of Exchange Students

       JG – Assignment of Students to Classes and Grade Levels

       JH – Student Absences and Excuses

       JHB – Truancy 

       JHE – Student Dismissal Precautions

       JIBA – Student Government

       JIBA-R(1) – Student Government 

       JIBA-R(2) –Student Organization 

       JIC – Student Conduct

       JICA – Student Dress

       JICA-R – Dress and General Appearance

       JICB – Care of School Property by Students

       JICE – Student Publications

       JICE-R  – Dress and General Appearance

       JICFA – Harassment, Intimidation and Bullying

       JICG/JICH – Alcohol/Tobacco/Drug Abuse by Students

       JICG/JICH-R – Alcohol/Tobacco/Drug Abuse by Students

       JICI – Weapons in School

       JICJ –Student Use of Electronic Communication Devices

       JID – Students of Legal Age

       JIE/JIG – Pregnant/Married Students

       JIH – Student Interrogations, Searches and Arrests

       JII- Student Greievances

       JJAB –Limited Open Forum

       JJB – Student Social Events

       JJB-E –Student Guest Attendance Request Form

       JJB-R –Student Social Events

       JJE –Student Fund-Raising Activities

       JJI – Student Activities

       JJI-R –Guidelines for Overnight Trips

       JJID –Student Physicals for School Activities

       JJIF – Training, Information and Restrictions on Participation for Student Athlete Concessions

       JJIF-R – Trainging, Informations and Restrictions on Participation for Student Athlete Concessions

       JK- Student Discipline

       JKA-Corporal Punishment

       JKB- Detentions of Students

       JKC- Probations of Students

       JKD/JKE- Suspension or Expulsion of Students

       JLA- Student Insurance Coverage

      JLC- Student Health Services and Requirements

      JLCB- Immunization of Students

      JLCC- Communicable/Infectious Diseases

      JLCD- Administering Medicine to Students

      JLCD(R)- Administering Medicine to Students

      JLCD-E(1)- For Administering Medicine to Students

      JLCD-E(2)- For Administering Medicine to Students on a Field Trip

      JLCD-E(3)- For Administering Medicine to Students – Medication Error Report

     JLCE- First Aid and Emergency Medical Care

     JLCF- Administration of Stock Opiate Antagonist

     JLCF-R- Emergency Administration of Stock Opiate Antagonist

     JLDA- Referral Process for Building Intervention Team

     JLF- Reporting Child Abuse/Child Protection

     JLF-R- Reporting Child Abuse/Child Protection

     JLG- Homeless Children

    JLG-R- Homeless Children

    JLG-E- Referral for Homeless Children

    JLIE- Student Automobile Use

    JLJ- Seclusion and Restraint in Schools

    JM- Student Awards, Honors and Scholarships

    JQ- Student Fees, Fines and Charges

    JQ-R- Student Fees, Fines, and Charges

    JRA- Student Records

    JRA-R- Procedures and Practices of the School District Govering the Maintenance, Transfer, and Disclosure of Student Educational Records

    JRA-E Request for Disclosure of Student Education Records

    JRAB- Student Records and Non-Custodial Parents

    JRAC- Student Privacy Protection and Parental Right of Inspection to Certain Material